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Good Everything curates products for the conscious consumer from brands that are committed to sustainable, eco-friendly, fair trade practices and charitable donations. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for everyone to shop responsibly so we can support brands that are committed to creating positive change.

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April Geer was raised in a small California beach town with a love, respect and appreciation for the ocean, planet and community. After two kids and a 10 year marketing career, she began to have that nagging sensation that she needed to be doing something more. Something that she could passionately dive into that could generate a positive impact. Stumbling across an Instagram ad from Girlfriend Collective for leggings made of recycled water bottles planted the seed, and a world of possibilities opened up shortly thereafter when the quality didn't disappoint and everyone she told was mindblown that leggings could be made from recycled plastic. It shouldn't be a secret that there are better options out there for all of us to shop better and do better. And it shouldn't take stumbling across a random Instagram ad at the right moment to make us aware of the possibilities. And so began Good Everything. The journey has only just begun, as each day that passes brings forth more exciting news, brands and products that are making a difference. Join us in the conscious consumer, eco-friendly, social good, fair trade or just feel-good shopper movement; whichever strikes your fancy, we have a brand or product that will move you to shop better!

We’re still early on this journey. Let us know if you have ideas on how we can improve in delivering on our mission of easing the path to becoming a conscious consumer.

Let’s do some good together.

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April Geer - Founder of Good Everything
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